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Bogusławski - Ścibor-Bogusławski - ancient nobility and knights being part of the Clan of Ostoja before year 1400. Family nest Bogusławice is located in county of Radomsk, Sieradz voivodship. Earliest notes tell about Przecław of Bogusławice, son of Stanisław of Bogusławice that in year 1400 had process in the Court against Michał of Golanki about stolen sword. Paweł and Janusz of Bogusławice are noted in year 1404. Maciej of Bogusławice witness in court with the Ostoja coat of arms (Mościc) in year 1426 in Radomsk. The name origin from family nest and property of Bogusławice.

Bogusławski of Bogusławice (Borowno parish) noted in sources in XV and XVI century: Paweł of Bogusławice (1404), Janusz of Bogusławice (1404), Maciej of Bogusławic (1405-1426), Leonard of Bogusławice (1420), Szymon of Bogusławice (1408), Piotr of Bogusławice (1408-1412), Przecław of Bogusławice (1408), Jan of Bogusławice (1408), Wojciech of Bogusławice (1412), Wawrzyniec z Bogusławic (1412), Ścibor z Bogusławic (1445), Piotr z Bogusławic (1464), Jakub Rusek z Bogusławic (1464), Marcin z Bogusławic, son of Jakub Rusk (1464), Jan Ściborek of Bogusławice (1503), Stanisław Piotr of Bogusławice (1503), Maciej of Bogusławice (1505), Wojciech Ścibor Bogusławski (1512-1553), Jan Bogusławski (1545), Maciej Ściborowicz Bogusławski, som of Wojciech Ścibor (1552-1557), Andrzej Bogusławski, som of Wojciech Ścibor (1557), Jan Bogusławski, son of Wojciech Ścibor (1557), Jan Ścibor Bogusławski (1597-1603), Piotr Ścibor Bogusławski (1600]), Mikołaj Ścibor Bogusławski (1600-1606). Read more

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Notable members of the Bogusławski family

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  • Stanisław Ścibor-Bogusławski - priest, cancellor of the Cardinal, judge of the Royal Crown Court between 1682 and 1683, kurator and Monsignor of Wolborz, canon of Łaski, Przemyśl i Włocławy, provost of Brzozowo, pastor in Łazany, judge surrogate of the Diocese of Consistory of Kujawy-Pomorze.
  • Ignacy Piotr Ścibor-Bogusławski - priest and Canon of Łęczyce, dean of Warce 1755-1785, rector of Brzeźniowy, commissar of Archbishop of Gniezno in year 1785, constructor of the Church in Brzeźnie. Founder of school and hospital in Brzeźnie.
  • Franciszek Ścibor-Bogusławski - confederate rittmeister of Bar. The governor of the banner of Alojzy Fryderyk von Brühl army unite. Comarade of Kazimierza Raczyński regiment, the Lord of regality of Czerwonygrod. Officer of National Cavallery. Vice Lord of regality of Sokolniki in year 1774. Vice Marshal of the Sejm of Sieradz in 1761. Signatory to the Act of accession of the nobility of Sieradz regarding 3 maj constitution. Lord on Smaszkowo, Włocin and part of Grzymaczewo and Kostrzewic.
  • Stanisław Ścibor-Bogusławski - major in 13th infantery regiment during the November Uprising. Decorated with Virtuti Militari. Participated in military campaign 1812-1813 as captain of Warsaw Royal Army. Lord of Włocin, Zawadki and Stoki.
  • Hieronim Ścibor-Bogusławski - priest, chronicler, preacher of association of Zgromadzenia Reformed Priests in Wielun, vicar in Łask, rector the parish of Chwalborzyce, Starokrzepice (1854-1859) and Suchcice (1859-1860), notarius in parish of Dworszowice (from 1854) and in Komorniki (from april to maj 1854).
  • Stefan Ścibor-Bogusławski - colonel of Polish Army, praticipated in WW I and WW II. Lord of Wilkowice. Decorated several times with Polonia Restituta, Cross of Valor in 1920 and in 1944, Silver Cross of Merit with Swords, Memory Cross of Monte Cassino, Star for participating in war 1939-1945, Italy star, King Geaorge Medal for service duringg the war between 1939-1945.
  • Władysław Ścibor-Bogusławski - participated in the Warsaw Uprising under the pseudonim Łajdus, decorated with Home Army Cross, Polish Army medal (four times), Cross of the Warsaw Uprising. Lord of Wilkowice.
  • Kazimierz Bogusławski - social activist, financier. Member of Christian Tradesmen Association, member of the board of Mutual Assistance of lawyers an trade in Łódz. Mmber of the revision commision and Manager of Bank Spółdzielczy in Łódz. Participated in WW I, decorated with Silver Cross of Merit.
  • Karol Bogusławski - social activit. Member of the board of directors of Bank Spółdzielczy in Łódz. Member of Christian Tradesmen Association.

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