History of Solecki family

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Solecki - ancient nobility and knights that too their name after the property of Solec, being part of the Clan of Ostoja . This line of Ostoja moved to Lesser Poland nearby krakow before year 1400.

Stanisław son of Adam Solecki put his father tombstone on the Mount. Jacob and Anna Morawcowną left two sons, Christopher and John. Christopher Justymentowna wife and John's wife out of the house Dembińska, both the offspring happy. John Solecki is quoted in 1650, he married to Ludwika Minorowna Ligęziankę daughter of colonel. Solecki Jędrzej held positions in the Church, died in 1737 in Bydgoszcz. Nicholas Solecki in 1565 under Kirempe fight the Swedes, the first of its banner on the enemy attacked so successfully that by winning our great was the beginning, in which award the work, took some lands in Żmudz from the King.

N. Solecki in the 1606. Dimitri warring for Moscow, was killed in the capital. Peter in the ground Gostyńska 1670. Jędrzej in Sandomierskie in 1697.

Most prominent member of the Solecki family is Łukasz Solecki (1827-1900), the Bishop of Przmyśl, professor and Headmaster of the University in Lviv (Lwow).

Notable family members of Ostoja Solecki

Solecki Jan - the owner of the church in the village Lisów

Solecki Ostoja Łukasz - Polish Roman Catholic Bishop of Przemyśl (1881-1900), professor and rector of the University of Lvov

Solecki Edmund Leon - builder, writer

Solecki Antoni - participated in the January Uprising

Solecki Joachim - leases of goods, he worked in the tax administration

Solecki Andrzej Tadeusz - architect, professor of University of Agriculture in Cracow