History of Bohatyrewicz family

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Bohatyrewicz- ancient tatar nobility and knights. Wealthy family from Połock, land owners in XVIth century.

History of the family

Waśko, citizen of Połock, should have to provide one armed horse for war. (Metr.Litew.1528 ). Mikołaj from the trocki region signed election act year ( 1674 ), and Kazimierz levée en masse ( 1698 ). Dominik , vice governor of Magistrates in Słonim region (1759) . Maciej ; son of Michał with son of Jerzy ; Franciszek ; son of Michał , with sons Anzelmem and Michałem ; Stanisław with sons , Michałem and Franciszkiem , Józef son of Stanisław and Józef , son of Franciszek , ( 1848 ) ; sons of Jerzy ; Stefan with son Adamem and Jan with children ; Antoni , son of Mikołaj with children ; Piotr , son of Marcin and Stefan son of Mateusz both with children , (1949) ; Wincenty , Stanisław and Paweł , sons of Aleksander ; Efim and Michał , sons of Stanisław and Adam ; son of Paweł , (1853); Antoni , Stanisław , Julian , and Feliks , sons of Franciszek , (1854) have been identifed in Empire and noted in the books of Grodno nobility governorate .

Notable family members of Bohatyrewicz

  • Bronisław Bohatyrewicz (1870–1940) - Polish military commander and a general of the Polish Army. Murdered in Katyn, Bohatyrewicz was one of the two Generals whose bodies were identified during the 1943 exhumation.

Members of Bohatyrewicz family|Members of the family

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