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Gajdowski-Potapowicz - ancient nobility and knights. Family of Russian origin that settled down in Lithuania. The family name origin from noble knight with the name of Potap. Ancient origin and family right was confirmed by the king Sigismund August in 1572. The family roots goes back to the time of powerful boyars that once was of great power in Russia. The family line that hold name of Potapowicz origin from Potap, or Potapij in Russian language. It is strongly linked to the Greek-orthodox church and faith. Family was adopted to the Clan of Ostoja in year 1450.

History of the family


Family origin from the Orthodox Russian boyars and was adopted to the Clan of Ostoja in year 1450. Grzegorz, son of Bogdan and grandson of Potap, after hik family started to call themselves Potapowicz. In year 1572, King Sigismund confirmed ancient rights, land and privileges that have been given the family by previous rulers of Lithuania to the ancestors of Potap. Great-grandson of Grzegorz, Leontij served in the army unite of Zaporoże, and his descendants were given several land estates and properties by the Russian Tsars. Of them, Wasili, son of Jan, Lord on the property of the property Gaydowgi took the name Gaydowski and combined it with Potapowicz name to be Gaydowski-Potapowicz. Descendants of Wasili, Jan and his sons Vladimir and Michał in 1857 and Daniel in 1848, where all noted in the nobility books of Kiev county. Daniel and Jan, the sons of Maksym where noted in the nobility books of Kiev in year 1859.

Wojciech acquired the property of Medyka in year 1615 from Libiszowski. Samuel, guardian of Vilnius and Rittmeister of Wołłowicz Hungarian banner in year 1667. Andrzej of Nursk county and Kazimierz together with Marcin and Marcin of Ciechanow county, signed the election of king Augustus II. Wojciech owned land after his brother Antoni, pastor of Goleniów in year 1739. Franciszek of Łomża county signed for election of King Stanisław August. Antonina, daughter of Adam, the Lord Cupbearer of Łomża county and Katarzyna Ostoja Raczko, come to agreement before the marriage in year 1770 with Józef Kwiatkowski.

Notable members of the Gajdowski-Potapowicz family

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  • Potap - progenitor of the Potapowicz family

Members of Gajdowski-Potapowicz family

Land and properties of the family

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