History of Brodowicz family

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Brodowicz - old and aristocratic family connected with prime families of Poland, Lithuania, German, France as well as with princely families of Georgia and Greece. This family of Ostoja raised in wealth and power during partition time of Poland, giving great support too national Uprisings. Family hold courtesy title of Baron.

History of the family

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Daniel Brodowicz was a knight, his tomb is situated in the castle chapel on Wisla. Lord Bazyli Brodowicz was castellan of Polaniec 1657-1664, he had a son Eustachy Brodowicz that served in noble unites of Polish army.Andrzej, Tomasz and Piotr was noted in nobility records of Galicja 1782 r., of them Piotr was army major and Tomasz married to Princess Tamara Oberliani of Georgia. Józef Brodowicz, army captain and son of Józef are together noted in the Kiev county nobility records of Russian Empire year 1859. Jan and Ignacy, son's of Antoni, where together with their son's noted in the Volhyn county nobility books of Russian Empire between year 1842 and 1872. Henryk, son of Hipolit , General major in Russain Army, was owner of Ogolicze Palace and properties in Mozyrsk county year 1876. Hipolit married to Princess Salomea of Juraha-Giedroyć family. Andrzej Brodowicz married to Lady Barbara Kadłubowska of Belina Clan. Mikołaj Brodowicz served as officer in the army of Napoleon, married to Princess Helena Kantakuzen of Greece and Zygmunt Brodowicz was a doctor of medicine, and colonel army of Polish.

Dr. Michał Brodowicz was a doctor of medicine and colonel of Imperial Russian Army, Austrian of Imperial Army and Polish Army, owner of the large estates and palaces, properties of Świla, Ogolicze, Czerniejew, Chryplin, Chomiaków and Budzyń. Mikołaj Brodowicz he participated in the Uprising year 1863 together with Platon Brodowicz. Michał Brodowicz married to Princess Helena Tumaniszwili of Georgia. Franciszek Brodowicz married to Elisabeth Bohatyrewicz of Ostoja. Borys Brodowicz was creative artist in the medium of painting. Jakub Brodowicz married to Lady Bronisława Sobieska of Janina coat of arms.

Notable members of Brodowicz family

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Properties of Brodowicz family

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