Mioduszewski of Ostoja

Z Ostoya
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History of the family

Mioduszewski - old line of Ostoja family, ancient nobility and knights. Distinguish family that served Poland well more than 600 years, noted in the beginning of XV century in Mazowsze form where family moved to the Łomża county and Podlasie. Family nest is Miodusy vel Miodusze that is placed on the river bank of Mały Brok, few kilometers from Świeck, stronghold in medieval times.

First to be noted in the property of Miodusy is Piotr de Miodusy in year 1486. His son's Wiktor, Maciej, Stanisław, Piotr and Stefan raised a church in Jabłonce vel Jablona Minor in 1493 and they also provided church community with about 36 hectares of land. Read more



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Members of the family

Members of the family

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