Danielewicz Władysław

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Władysław Danielewicz - born 25th June 1908 as Danilewicz in Pulhany, Horochow, son of Karol Ostoja Danilewicz and Franciszka Krupińska.

His father Karol was sent to Siberia by Russian authorities and he was raised by his mother Franciszka. At age of 12, he participated in the defefence of Lwow during the war between Sovjet Union and Poland in year 1918 reinforcing famouse Lwów Eaglets. By that time at age 12 his Mother Franciszka remarried to nobleman Aleksander Halkiewicz moving to the Manor Hoouse of the family. Władysław married to Antonina Myszkowska of Jastrzębiec CoA at age of 21 but with her had no children. With second wife Maria Godzińska that also belonged to noble family, he had son Tadeusz. During the WW II he was badly wonded in the head. After the war, he settled down in Zamość being in oposition to communistic regime. Since neither Antonia Myszkowska or Maria Godzińska surived WW II, Władysław's son Tadeusz was party raised by Irena Szczepowska of Jastrzębiec CoA that was born and raised in same area of Volhyn (Łuck) that himself and his family.

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